2009, A Year in Movies and Music

Every year people excel in making new resolutions for the next year and outperform themselves breaking every single resolution even faster than the year before. The blogosphere is swamped with resolution posts and year review entries.
If one is needed, it is the ultimate proof that people will never change and no year will bring change to this. What will the next year bring us? The same as last year and you will still complain about the taxes you have to pay. The government will continue to annoy you and of course you will not consider if you could do better when being responsible and deciding for millions but at least there’s a football World Cup in South Africa this year.

I have given up on resolutions and symbolic, commercially abused dates. I will not stop smoking(1) and I know that the world will not be saved by some superhero politician. Instead I have ambitions, personal and life ambitions and they are high. Very high.

For one the biggest hope is that I will be able to abuse all the potential I think having and I certainly do hope my bosses will challenge me enough to release this potential. But this entry is about last year’s movies and music.

What About Music and Movies?

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The Good: James Cameron
The bad: James Cameron[/pull]

The year ended with a piece of shit in a golden wrapper by James Cameron. In a year which largely saw the commercial acceptance of 3D Cinema, an evolution of a more than 20 years old technology, it was saddening to realise that ‘Cameron The Effects’ would mark the year and make us forget the awesome brilliance that Up is.

Apparently 2009 Was a Great Year for Film

It is sad to think this. After the marvel that the Dark Knight was in 2008 and the subsequent popularisation of the HD format at home(2), we were left with very few innovative and truly marvellous movies.

There were some blockbusters, who would also have made it even without 3D but the majority of them were franchises and would have been popular mainly because of their fan base. And there’s the sad tale of one girly hype movie franchise.

2009 left us with Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, The Twilight Saga: New Moon, The Hangover, Star Trek, Monsters vs. Aliens and the largely understated but entertaining Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. Would we have watched these movies without 3D or will we watch them at home in HD? Yes, but none wil be remembered for a long time. Furthermore the James Bond franchise and Daniel Craig made a nose dive with Quantum of Solace, not only at the box office end 2008 but also in HD release.

Luckily there also were some highlights. The return of Tarantino and Brad Pitt with Inglourious Basterds was as good a film with these almost impossibly high expectations can be and the already mentioned Up was one more example of how Pixar raises the bar and sets a new story telling, and animation, standard with every new release.

The Box Office Year Was Perfect and There Was a True Revelation

The 3D tale and mega success of franchises in the newly accepted format made 2009 a perfect year for the studios and the upcoming release of 3D HD home systems will only increase the format’s popularity even more. One can only hope that interest in old-skool IMAX 3D nature movies will be revived and people will discover the true beauty of 3D. Our planet. The BBC Life (Challenges of Life) TV series were not only of HD brilliance but also a great, albeit small, sample of the treasures that can be found on our blue planet. Not to forget the calming and almost perfect voice of Sir David Attenborough.

Although I generally do not post videos on iFranky, I will make an exception for these 10 minutes from the first episode of Life, even though the crappy Youtube quality doesn’t really do justice to the beauty of HD(3). Highlight of this video: 8:43 in, after the epic cheetah hunt, the camouflage of the chameleon and high quality shot of the mantis.

Video removed due to Copyright issues. Get it from Amazon.

But there was also a true highlight in 2009 and of course it did not become a box office success. Nevertheless you really should add the war drama The Hurt Locker to your must watch list and purchase list. The multiple award winning movie is one of few with a trailer which isn’t too misleading and Kathryn Bigelow was my movie revelation of the year. USAToday had this to say about The Hurt Locker:

This profound exploration of the line between bravery and bravado brings the war in Iraq to life with an immediacy and power that no previous film has achieved. This tale of technicians in the bomb disposal squad captures the complexities of the war with thrilling battle sequences and nuanced performances by Jeremy Renner and his co-stars. With her gritty handheld shots, director Kathryn Bigelow has made one of most visceral and moving war movies ever.

What Will 2010 Bring?

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Never one to really follow what releases are scheduled, I must admit that I am truly excited about 2010 and hardly ever have been this excited about an upcoming movie. Fans of frankylicious will certainly know what movie I look forward to.

The main crew of the 2007 Golden Globe Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street adaptation is once more reunited and ticks all the boxes. All my boxes: Tim Burton, Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter in a Disney story to be shown in IMAX 3D. First look pictures and trailers already are amazing and I can only wonder, hope that Tim Burton has been able to benefit some of the Pixar technology for this movie. March 5, 2010, the new highlight for 2010 and the second movie embed exception in one entry.

Other scheduled movie trips in 2010 are Iron Man 2 and Toy Story 3D. The latter is obviously a compulsory Pixar movie and Iron Man 2 with built-in preparation for typical sequel disappointment. Otherwise I would not have the faintest clue of upcoming releases.

A Year in Music

2009 Was a year which was mainly limited to playing the good old music library and barely any new albums made it into the collection. Besides the ex launching a new album and some minor discoveries, the year in numbers looks pretty much the same as the complete history. The main 2009 music trend for me was to again participate actively to the local nightlife again and it was very enjoyable. To conclude another +1000 words entry, a long screenshot. Statistics.

Update: The National Society of Film Critics agrees with The Hurt Locker being the best movie of 2009.

  1. Unless I were to meet that one and she would want me to ()
  2. Mainly due the increasing popularity of the PS3 ()
  3. Hint: that Youtube account has uploaded the complete first episode! ()
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