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Misunderstanding The GPL License

But, this week the redistribution of Mimbo was taken a step further by Michael Oeser, who changed the name to Branford Magazine, thus relieving him of any GPL issues. He also added some bits from Structure (Justin Tadlock) and Revolution (Brian Gardner), though anyone viewing the source code can see it’s 90% Mimbo with a new paint job.

Darren Hoyt, creator of the wonderful Mimbo theme for WordPress after the release of his Blandford theme. But so many points are wrong in Darren’s whine reasoning:

  • A name change does not relieve of the GPL issues
  • GPL license allows to redistribute, with or without links. Whether in altered form or in original form
  • Brian Gardner’s revolution is copyrighted.

To resume, a whine. A whine because the GPL *does call* for ethics, and likes the source to be credited (in code is sufficient – although I do doubt the Blandford theme credits in the code), but this is no license requirement and the GPL *does allow* any credit to be removed.

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Chyrp Theme Development

Chyrp theme development has been put on hold for some days, as Chyrp will be updated to PHP5 and PHP5 only.

None of the themes I will release for Chyrp will support IE6. There are enough of reason to upgrade to IE7 and if you can’t upgrade you should whether buy a legal Windows XP or not waste your valuable company time blogging.
Platforms such as Windows 2000 are not supported by MS anymore, there’s no reason to provide a backward compatibility for non-supported systems.


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