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Pebble Watch, The Smart Watch Which Isn’t So Smart

As a friend would say, I am part of the targeted demographics for smart watches and of course that means only one thing:

I’m a first generation sucker

Thus when the opportunity came all initial doubts were swiftly dropped and the itch to moan about the fallacies surrounding first generation devices were thrown away. A Pebble watch, Kickstarter Edition, I would get.

My foray into smart wearables was bound to start, finally, and the standard heavy metal chronograph on my wrist would be replaced. Around 2.5 decades after I ditched the almost as standard Casio Calculator watch and would feel naked without a 150 gram or heavier watch on my wrist.

The Pebble Watch in its box. Much better in photography than in real life.

The Pebble Watch in its box, complete with protective film. Better in photo than in real life.

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