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Pebble Watch, The Smart Watch Which Isn’t So Smart

As a friend would say, I am part of the targeted demographics for smart watches and of course that means only one thing:

I’m a first generation sucker

Thus when the opportunity came all initial doubts were swiftly dropped and the itch to moan about the fallacies surrounding first generation devices were thrown away. A Pebble watch, Kickstarter Edition, I would get.

My foray into smart wearables was bound to start, finally, and the standard heavy metal chronograph on my wrist would be replaced. Around 2.5 decades after I ditched the almost as standard Casio Calculator watch and would feel naked without a 150 gram or heavier watch on my wrist.

The Pebble Watch in its box. Much better in photography than in real life.

The Pebble Watch in its box, complete with protective film. Better in photo than in real life.

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Why Do Major Local Companies Fail at Logistics?

Not that long ago an unplanned trip to me to Greenhills, the shopper paradise for smartphone lovers and fake clothes, in the Metro. It all started out as a great afternoon, with some drooling over at Harley and since it wasn’t too far, a trip to Greenhills seemed like a good Saturday afternoon occupation.

But soon the day would become a day to quickly forget, as I felt my phone disappear from my pocket. And obviously it weren’t those two girls who just got some foot ahead of me in mere seconds, but the phone had disappeared in the other direction. Culprit they were because rather than being shocked when I grabbed the left arm of one, they immediately went totally innocent showing their pockets and shopping bag. Which of course didn’t hold my phone.

She wasn’t offended by me grabbing her arm, as any woman would rightly be. But she didn’t have my phone either. That one was gone in the opposite direction. A classic case of an organized pickpocket ring.

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Don’t Spend on Swag for Me. Donate it to a Good Cause Instead

AKA You can keep your loot bag.

Publishing about tech, and previously gadgets, I regularly get invites to press events. As I have come to experience over the years, not only locally, it seems almost compulsory that the organizer of said events will not only spend money on feeding the attendees but also on an obligatory bag of loot swag.

Which caused even issues nobody truly cared about, with the exception of a certain PR event organizer.

While I get that most brands will gladly promote their own brand, with merchandise, this should not be given to those who make a living out of covering the news, or those who can earn from this – whether directly as an employee or indirectly via advertising. The merchandise should obviously be given to potential customers, rather than us. Continue reading

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When Color-coding goes Wrong. And Inconsistency from Officials Doesn’t Help.

The Philippines are known as a lovely place on Earth, several locations often compared to Paradise on Earth, but the downside of its location is that yearly we have a wet season with an abundance of tropical storms. That abundant that in poor seasons there may be a typhoon every week.

Due to the seriousness of many typhoons, and the remoteness of many locations, it is primordial that the Philippines have a solid disaster plan in place. Also to prevent further catastrophes as experienced in the last decade with murderous typhoons Ondoy and Sendong.
Both typhoons not only ravaged parts of the country, but each also claimed more than 500 lives, Sendong becoming the natural disaster claiming most calamities in 2011.

Both typhoons had devastating impact on the country, also in the mind. And not in the least because local organizations failed to properly react and respond. During Ondoy dams were opened at the height of the typhoon. Sendong struck during night and people were not sufficiently aware of the upcoming threat and stayed at home overnight, only to rudely awake knee-deep, or higher, in water.

And thus the Philippines got ready for the 2012 wet season. With a national information system, and campaign, to weather disaster. Continue reading

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The Spirit of Accountability: Why Chief Justice Renato Corona Should Be Convicted

For several months the Philippines have been focused on the Impeachment Trial of Renato Corona, the Supreme Court Chief of Justice or highest magistrate in the country. After 42 days of drama loaded trial, a verdict now seems to be coming closer and we might hear the decision made by the 23 Senator Judges before the month ends.

The trial has been a brutal telenovela, full of strategy, loaded with errors which would never have been excepted in any regular criminal trial and it seems that the Prosecution might have blown it, to say the least. Helped by a ‘the result justifies the means‘ approach, and a Senator Judge who seemingly is the President’s personal bulldog the Prosecution managed to extract an admission of the Chief Justice that he has around USD 2.4 million in his accounts, as well as PHP 80 million, though.

Normally these numbers alone should be sufficient to convict Corona, and remove from Office, but the methods of the Prosecution team have been poor to say the least. Continue reading

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On Being Labelled “Out of Tune” Because the Chosen Path is Not a Free Path

March 14th, 2012 suddenly became a historical day. Historical because of many wrong things would hardcore fans say. Historical because a behemoth joined the modern digital era, say fans of the online period. Historical because the Encyclopaedia Britannica announced that after 244 years the publisher had decided to discontinue its 32-volume printed edition and focus only on its digital properties. A main motivation for the giant, both in weight and in reputation, to switch its focus is the inability to constantly improve offered by a print edition to constantly improve. To operate more like its free, crowdsourced counterpart, Wikipedia. Continue reading