Code of Ethics

To write, publish, and be read is a privilege and responsibility. Being mindful of that privilege and responsibility:

  1. I will not barter my words or my silence.
  2. I will disagree with other opinions respectfully.
  3. I will write and advocate openly and honestly.
  4. I will not use this blog as a dating service.
  5. I will strive for accuracy in detailing the facts of my posts, avoiding errors and correcting them immediately when discovered.
  6. I will strive for balance; even in advocacy, I will not distort or suppress obviously relevant facts to bolster my argument.
  7. I will welcome and invite rebuttal, debate and discussion through comments, email, and trackbacks.
  8. I will keep things told to me in confidence private. I will break any embargo, but will disclose broken embargos. Privacy of private persons will be respected though.
  9. I will let the record stand; I will not delete posts, or parts of them, unless not doing so would violate one of the foregoing principles, and will give notice that I have done so. If I modify a post, it will be by adding to it; and I will mark these additions clearly. I will not post an update notice when fixing grammatical errors.
  10. I will reveal material conflicts-of-interest.
  11. I will reply to emails and comments to the best of my ability. I receive my fair share of email so if I do not respond promptly please be patient.

Originally written by Allen Jenkins. Tweaked by franky April 12, 2008.

Cookies & Privacy

This website uses WordPress as a platform, as well as several third-party integrations such as Google Analytics, Askimet, Disqus and few other integrations to optimise the performance and service. Some of these integrations may place cookies and analyse a user’s behavior on-site.

At iFranky all integrations are carefully selected and adhere with a stringent approach to data privacy and privacy in general. At time of writing no integration sold any data to other providers, other than possibly for advertising monetisation of the service.

iFranky will not integrate any service known to sell user data in shady, blackhat ways. iFranky does not store any user data either, other than email addresses required to comment &emdash; and to verify against spam databases. iFranky does not store any user IPs.

No user data is sold by iFranky.