Code of Ethics

To write, publish, and be read is a privilege and responsibility. Being mindful of that privilege and responsibility:

  1. I will not barter my words or my silence.
  2. I will disagree with other opinions respectfully.
  3. I will write and advocate openly and honestly.
  4. I will not use this blog as a dating service.
  5. I will strive for accuracy in detailing the facts of my posts, avoiding errors and correcting them immediately when discovered.
  6. I will strive for balance; even in advocacy, I will not distort or suppress obviously relevant facts to bolster my argument.
  7. I will welcome and invite rebuttal, debate and discussion through comments, email, and trackbacks.
  8. I will keep things told to me in confidence private. I will break any embargo, but will disclose broken embargos. Privacy of private persons will be respected though.
  9. I will let the record stand; I will not delete posts, or parts of them, unless not doing so would violate one of the foregoing principles, and will give notice that I have done so. If I modify a post, it will be by adding to it; and I will mark these additions clearly. I will not post an update notice when fixing grammatical errors.
  10. I will reveal material conflicts-of-interest.
  11. I will reply to emails and comments to the best of my ability. I receive my fair share of email so if I do not respond promptly please be patient.

Originally written by Allen Jenkins. Tweaked by franky April 12, 2008.