Philippines National Blogger Association: Semantics, Questions & Egos

Philippines, Blogging Nation

The Philippines, One Blogging Nation

Over the last days, since a post on the newly created Janitor Al blog, the National Blogger’s Association for the Philippines has been buzzing the Pinoy blogosphere. You can follow all the buzz on Twitter via the #nbaph hashtag.

Before I continue though, I wish to introduce myself as most bloggers in the Pinoy Blogosphere do not know me. I have been blogging professionally since end 2006, for Splashpress Media, and have worked for an extended time with respected Pinoy bloggers Angelo, Jayvee and others. Currently I am CEO of Splashpress Media. People might know me as @franky or iFranky.

End 2010 I decided to leave Europe and move to the Philippines. This (new) blog is used to comment on my experiences both on- and offline in the Philippines.

Disclosure: This site is my personal platform, represents my and solely my own opinions and nothing I say here is or can be taken as official statement by or is endorsed by my employer, Splashpress Media.

According to Janitor Al the Manifesto draft has been mailed to several bloggers in the last weeks, in particular to a small group of select bloggers. Continue reading