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Screen resolution, one of the major specs newer smartphones do wrong

Contrarily to the situation we noticed in the first half of the ‘noughties’, mobile phones seem to have ended up in a race to become the larger mobile device fitting in one’s pocket. Mobile phones, and tablets, are always more becoming the future way of being online, and manufacturers have switched strategy. It’s not about the smallest phone anymore. Maybe still the thinnest, but it’s all about the biggest in 2012.

Rumors indicate that Apple is also considering switching to a new size for the iPhone. And again it seems that in the new race only Apple’s doing the right thing.

Compaq iPAQ

Compaq iPAQ by Monochrome, on Flickr

I have had several smartphones, and admit that I am a fan of slightly larger screens than the iPhone’s screen. I even had a Samsung Note. Currently I reverted back to the Samsung Galaxy S2, in my opinion the perfect size for its screen resolution. This post is based on having used a large plethora of smartphones over the last years, as well as their predecessors which some of us might still remember. Some even with names too similar to actual products to sound true for many, like the Compaq iPAQ show on the left.

Together with the leap to ‘smartphones’, we have seen a new revolution in the portable market: the ever increasing screen resolution. Most of us still remember the days of the 1024*768px 15″ CRT monitor for our desktop, while now our 13″ laptops are equipped with a resolution of up to 1440*900px. Mobile phone screens are no exception to this evolution and modern screens larger than 4.5″ are all equipped with a seemingly generous 720*1280px screen. Continue reading