Does Microsoft feel that they got royally shafted by Facebook’s Whatsapp acquisition?

In a talk at the Cloud Factory conference MS Ventures GM Rahul Sood highlighted the Whatsapp acquisition as the summit of this web generation’s landscape, the top of the bubble. While armed with solidly reasoned points, one specific statement stood out.

You know you’re in a bubble when you see people throwing money at dog-shit companies

The Whatsapp acquisition has been widely debated and several have tried to explain the ridiculous price tag, none the least sole investor Sequoia who raked in in more than bucket loads from the acquisition.

But one can but wonder whether Sood’s statement represented Microsoft feeling about it until now partner. The question on too few people’s lips: What does the Whatsapp acquisition mean for Skype and thus MSFT.

On a related note, is it time for the Richter Scales again?

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