2009, A Year in Movies and Music

Every year people excel in making new resolutions for the next year and outperform themselves breaking every single resolution even faster than the year before. The blogosphere is swamped with resolution posts and year review entries.
If one is needed, it is the ultimate proof that people will never change and no year will bring change to this. What will the next year bring us? The same as last year and you will still complain about the taxes you have to pay. The government will continue to annoy you and of course you will not consider if you could do better when being responsible and deciding for millions but at least there’s a football World Cup in South Africa this year.

I have given up on resolutions and symbolic, commercially abused dates. I will not stop smoking and I know that the world will not be saved by some superhero politician. Instead I have ambitions, personal and life ambitions and they are high. Very high.

For one the biggest hope is that I will be able to abuse all the potential I think having and I certainly do hope my bosses will challenge me enough to release this potential. But this entry is about last year’s movies and music. Continue reading