2009, A Year in Movies and Music

Every year people excel in making new resolutions for the next year and outperform themselves breaking every single resolution even faster than the year before. The blogosphere is swamped with resolution posts and year review entries.
If one is needed, it is the ultimate proof that people will never change and no year will bring change to this. What will the next year bring us? The same as last year and you will still complain about the taxes you have to pay. The government will continue to annoy you and of course you will not consider if you could do better when being responsible and deciding for millions but at least there’s a football World Cup in South Africa this year.

I have given up on resolutions and symbolic, commercially abused dates. I will not stop smoking and I know that the world will not be saved by some superhero politician. Instead I have ambitions, personal and life ambitions and they are high. Very high.

For one the biggest hope is that I will be able to abuse all the potential I think having and I certainly do hope my bosses will challenge me enough to release this potential. But this entry is about last year’s movies and music. Continue reading

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Visualization Graphs for Online Stat Nerds

I’m a geek, I love numbers. And graphs. Little is needed to make an online nerd happy, especially when it involves twitter and

Two additional small webapps can make a kid an online geek happy.


LastGraph visualizes your music data, submitted to your account, in a unique way. Inspired by Lee Byron’s listening’s history graph the service pulls all (ALL!) your data from audioscrobbler and outputs everything in an awesome StreamGraph. Click image for larger graph (Original graph is 13000px wide).

Twitter StreamGraphs

What would a life be without the same, but for twitter? Exactly.


Twitter StreamGraphs does kinda same… but obviously _is_ restricted by the twitter API restrictions. And can’t be favourited in twitter either. Surprisingly the status of the service does not graph Failwhales or Failbirds.


15 Websites/Services I’d Pay For. Would I?

There seems to be a new meme: 15 websites/Services I’d Pay For. The question which bothers one is would I really pay for them?. Let’s for once go down the list and comment.

  • Gmail: Would I pay for GMail? Yes. But more even I’d pay for the hosted GMail. If it came with push to, because the hosted GMail actually is the only reason to pay for Google’s email service. Agreed the UI is great compared to other, although my preferred hating platform, Yahell, has become better with time.
    Why would I pay for a hosted email platform?
  • Google Maps: Google Maps is a great service, but again… why would I pay for a service provided by others for free? Especially considered I already pay yearly to have my TomTom updated.
  • I would never consider paying for WordPress. The beauty of WordPress is the GPU/GNL spirit. If it weren’t for those, I’d rather pay for ExpressionEngine than for WP. Just because the platform is more mature.
  • Statistic platforms/plugins:To be honest, although I have both Statcounter and Google Analytics installed here, I couldn’t care less for stats. I’m a huge fan of CrazyEgg though and pay for this service on several sites I manage.
  • Craigslist: Considered I’m in Europe, Craigslist is pretty much useless to me. Even its European counter part, Gumtree is rather useless because I have an active social life and usually just have to tell/ask friends to sell/obtain something.

Several more, specifically US focused services are mentioned in the article, such as MLB, so it is very hard to comment on those. The only services I actually do pay for and enjoy paying for are:

  • Flickr. I do pay for flickr, although I do consider switching to SmugMug, having the option to keep all my pictures somewhere as a backup option other than my hard drives and my own (soon to come) photoblog, is perfect to me.
  • I do pay for the freedom of having my own radio station, based on what I listen to.
  • Web hosting: Rather than using I pay for my own web hosting and like to have all my stuff in my own control.

To be entirely honest, there are only few I would pay for. Most involve platforms I use for websites, but otherwise I can perfectly live without many of the services which have become all day usage to me.

[Via WLTC]

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I’m A Geek, I Love Numbers

Compulsory to the heart and soul of every nerd geek is the love for numbers. One of the few services I actually do pay for and even regularly check is Every Monday, sometimes even on Sunday night, I check what I listened most to in the preceding week and also check my all time stats. With more than 80.000 tracks scrobbled to my profile, time after time all time stats like these make me grin.

Stats for my listening habits

Stats for my listening habits

But there is better.

Stats for my listening habits

And to continue the number game, even though I still am not sure whether to be proud or not of my Twitter hate/love relationship, here’s some tweetscan stuff. From my active and my inactive twitter account. Before you ask why I have 2 accounts, I’ll explain you the stuff you aren’t interested in anyway: my first account was a residue of the personal blogging area. A twitter account in the category of noise. Loaded with lots of personal internet drama memories. I wanted to and had to move on some day. My actual account still is noise, just much less.
But the important thing about both graphs is that I actually might have to listen to all my friends and try to get a regular life schedule. Not have the period from 0:00 to 04:00AM be my most active period of the day.

Stats for my twittering habitsStats for my twittering habits

The best thing about twitter in my case is when I started tweeting.

The history of the inactive twitter account

November 2006. :-)


F8, Did Facebook Just Pull A Myspace

Yesterday’s excitement was huge, everyone seemed to like Mark Zuckerberg‘s presentation about the new platform Facebook.

The integration of multiple mini-sites was a major buzz and of course every Facebook member will love it to be able to show off all their web20-geekiness, without having to leave Facebook.
But if we put down the buzz and hype for some minutes, at least the time needed to read this entry, we can analyze a little better what happened last night. And before I pound my egg, let me tell you that from now on I consider Zuckerberg, AKA the guy who is rumored to have turned down a $1bn bid, a master strategist is.

Probably the creators of most implemented platforms are still after-buzzing and seeing vertical statistic lines instead of USD signs in their best nightmares, maybe even finally dream of dollars too.
Several of the implemented platforms are still without a real revenue stream and might now hope to finally generate some revenue.

Zuckerberg doesn’t need all 30 for Facebook. Zuckerberg isn’t interested in helping to develop their platform and user base. No, the only thing that counts is to continue the development of Facebook.
Facebook as a platform. Facebook as the new and geeky MySpace. Open to anyone and everything you want to, is available. A little like Virb, except… well, Zuckerberg is smarter.
Instead of building everything himself, he lets existing and rather popular services join the popularity and fame of Facebook. Smart and proven dev-team integrate their platform into Facebook.

One $mart dude, Mark. So, actually Zuckerberg just pulled a MySpace. But still a number smarter : without investment.

I wonder if that’s the reason wy isn’t part of the party, although they have announced that something was/is in the works.
There is no doubt that Facebook’s F8 will boost the popularity of many of the 30 integrated sites/services/applications, but what will their value be after 12 months if they had to live without facebook? Null, zilch, nada, noppes.
Suddenly X million of users would disappear from their [falsely inflated] user base, because they have never signed up for any of the services, but used them within Facebook, statistics would drop even faster than they will grow over the next weeks.

Nothing more or less than a master stroke of genius.
Zuckerberg, the master strategist.
Zuckerberg the MySpace 2.0, but also the founder of an unaffordable platform.
Zuckerberg, the creator of the post-Yahoo era?

And I don’t seem to be the only one who thinks this way, it seem that Tony shares shares the same view, but differently. :)