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NADD. What Was The Problem?

NADD already has been the subject on this blog, thank to Rands, but last days I have noticed that my case is getting worse again. Courtesy of getting to know the Mac platform better, worrying less about dating and way too many things going on right now, I must admit that my focus seems to come back.

What proves this? My NADD. The numbers of projects I have been taking on over the last 2 weeks has significantly grown again, with the usual pressure of having taken on way too much already. And still I usually manage to find some time to discover new stuff.
Tell me what’s on your tray, screen right now. And what else goes through your mind?

This is my palette right at the moment:

  • As usually music is playing. Stalk me at I even manage it to skip tracks, I don’t like, in Party Shuffle .
  • Both Mail and NetNewsWire are constantly open and update regularly. I love to keep both read and answered if needed. I like it clean, empty.
  • The usual tabs (around 7) are open in Safari and checked regularly .
  • Coda has become a part of my daily after work workflow. In Coda, 2 projects: a WP design and Chyrp. Both call for Photoshop with 2 different mockups.
  • Today I have been playing with Tablecloth and Blueprint.
  • Several IRC rooms open in Colloquy.
  • Restricted IM profile in Adium and obviously Twitterific.

Other thoughts occupying me right at the moment are the day job and the project we recently started plus two major annoyances we bumped in to at work last 10 days. Those 3 factors actually already large enough to occupy most people and make them look forward to a relaxed evening in front of the tube.

But in the evening, when arriving home, there’s the bane of the online presence calling me. The inconvenience about being in the active online back end world, wanting to stay up to date? It’s not the high amount of hours or the double shift, it’s the desire of always wanting to try out the newest stuff. New software, new online platforms and applications even . It’s the thrill to learn new stuff.

And then there’s the dating thing and upcoming V-Day. I have been invited already. I haven’t RSVP’ed yet.

Right now, I must take care of my laundry though and then spend an hour cleaning. I think. If the internet doesn’t call me back. Or new entries tumbled in my feed reader.
Luckily I have no kids, that would just dry me insane!

I do not visit social networks anymore. I have left the sphere around problogging and both were a relieve. I also have buried some other ongoing annoyances from last 2 years: exes and the trainwreck BlogExplosion.