Of Embargoes and “Praise” Events

Since a while already I have picked up the writing, media game again and so far I have been lucky. What has proven to be a collection of long reviews, slowly but surely is drawing me in again and I am enjoying writing more than I ever have since I started with a blog. That not withstanding that I completely refuse to be part of the demographic of bloggers. But theBobbery.com is a great way to get back in to writing and I am looking forward to another upcoming project, also tech related. Yes, a second local online publication.

With writing about local topics, and events, of course come many invitations and requests to make an appearance at preview events or press events. With every invite I feel honored to be part of that select group. Not because the organizers actually thought about me, but because I work at an agnostic and unbiased reputation. Together with the reputation of someone who is selective about the topics he choses to write about, and selects only topics allowing him to add value or properly highlight what I write about. Meaning that neither my attendance nor me writing about events I attend are guaranteed. Continue reading