Of Embargoes and “Praise” Events

Since a while already I have picked up the writing, media game again and so far I have been lucky. What has proven to be a collection of long reviews, slowly but surely is drawing me in again and I am enjoying writing more than I ever have since I started with a blog. That not withstanding that I completely refuse to be part of the demographic of bloggers. But theBobbery.com is a great way to get back in to writing and I am looking forward to another upcoming project, also tech related. Yes, a second local online publication.

With writing about local topics, and events, of course come many invitations and requests to make an appearance at preview events or press events. With every invite I feel honored to be part of that select group. Not because the organizers actually thought about me, but because I work at an agnostic and unbiased reputation. Together with the reputation of someone who is selective about the topics he choses to write about, and selects only topics allowing him to add value or properly highlight what I write about. Meaning that neither my attendance nor me writing about events I attend are guaranteed. Continue reading

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In Which I Have No Clue, Return to My Roots and Turn The Site Red

Blogging on iFranky hasn’t really been a priority in the last 18 months and design was only one of the reasons. The main reason though was because I really didn’t have a clue, not about the focus of the site or about my life.

The time at Emmaus Preston was rather limited and even though I was happy not to have to deal with that board anymore, it has taken me around a year to reorganise and refocus.
Refocus and return to the colours of my roots: Racing White Daring Molenbeek, the first club I played football for.

I am no person who stands still for a long time or will whine about how miserable life is, but as the years slowly accumulated I certainly needed some time.

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♣ How The Internet (And Blogging) Started

In times when blogging more and more seems to have become a media outlet, it always is nice to see what drove both the internet and blogging initially. Duncan Riley‘s words hit home for everyone who was already there years ago and did not just jump on the _online bandwagon_ in the last years:

it was a scenario description, but I take your point, getting to even a couple of thousand a month is hard going. If you want to ping me on email duncan at nichenet.com.au I’d be happy to take a look at what you’re currently doing and share some personalized advice if you like. Always happy to help. [Emphasis mine]

Yes, that is right. Initially the internet was built upon helping each other. Whether it was by sharing links to awesome sites/content or by sharing tips and tricks.

And I remember plenty of moments when I hit up people like Duncan or Matt Craven and if they were online, within minutes, you’d have a Skype session with them.

Sometimes I wish the _next big thing_ would start and it would be a mix of the _old garde_ again. Back to the old style, the time when everyone helped each other out.
Hats off Duncan for still keeping up the old spirit!

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Visualization Graphs for Online Stat Nerds

I’m a geek, I love numbers. And graphs. Little is needed to make an online nerd happy, especially when it involves twitter and last.fm.

Two additional small webapps can make a kid an online geek happy.


LastGraph visualizes your music data, submitted to your last.fm account, in a unique way. Inspired by Lee Byron’s last.fm listening’s history graph the service pulls all (ALL!) your data from audioscrobbler and outputs everything in an awesome StreamGraph. Click image for larger graph (Original graph is 13000px wide).

Twitter StreamGraphs

What would a life be without the same, but for twitter? Exactly.


Twitter StreamGraphs does kinda same… but obviously _is_ restricted by the twitter API restrictions. And can’t be favourited in twitter either. Surprisingly the status of the service does not graph Failwhales or Failbirds.


15 Websites/Services I’d Pay For. Would I?

There seems to be a new meme: 15 websites/Services I’d Pay For. The question which bothers one is would I really pay for them?. Let’s for once go down the list and comment.

  • Gmail: Would I pay for GMail? Yes. But more even I’d pay for the hosted GMail. If it came with push to, because the hosted GMail actually is the only reason to pay for Google’s email service. Agreed the UI is great compared to other, although my preferred hating platform, Yahell, has become better with time.
    Why would I pay for a hosted email platform?
  • Google Maps: Google Maps is a great service, but again… why would I pay for a service provided by others for free? Especially considered I already pay yearly to have my TomTom updated.
  • WordPress.org: I would never consider paying for WordPress. The beauty of WordPress is the GPU/GNL spirit. If it weren’t for those, I’d rather pay for ExpressionEngine than for WP. Just because the platform is more mature.
  • Statistic platforms/plugins:To be honest, although I have both Statcounter and Google Analytics installed here, I couldn’t care less for stats. I’m a huge fan of CrazyEgg though and pay for this service on several sites I manage.
  • Craigslist: Considered I’m in Europe, Craigslist is pretty much useless to me. Even its European counter part, Gumtree is rather useless because I have an active social life and usually just have to tell/ask friends to sell/obtain something.

Several more, specifically US focused services are mentioned in the article, such as MLB, so it is very hard to comment on those. The only services I actually do pay for and enjoy paying for are:

  • Flickr. I do pay for flickr, although I do consider switching to SmugMug, having the option to keep all my pictures somewhere as a backup option other than my hard drives and my own (soon to come) photoblog, is perfect to me.
  • Last.fm: I do pay for the freedom of having my own radio station, based on what I listen to.
  • Web hosting: Rather than using WP.com I pay for my own web hosting and like to have all my stuff in my own control.

To be entirely honest, there are only few I would pay for. Most involve platforms I use for websites, but otherwise I can perfectly live without many of the services which have become all day usage to me.

[Via WLTC]