Enchanted Beach with Three Fluid Graces, Salvador Dali

Enchanted Beach with Three Fluid Graces, Salvador Dali

Succinct and poignant in a way you can find only on Rands in Repose:

You remember those expectations we had of you? The impossibly high ones that we never told you about, but mostly just felt? Yeah, they were way off. In fact, our opinions of your ability appear to be way off. You appear to be just a regular old disappointing human. Those mistakes you keep making? We don’t know if you’re not getting it or what.

Most folks have figured it out by now. Figured what out, you ask? You know, the undefinable but very important ‘it’ that everyone else knows, but can’t explain it. You not getting ‘it’ is worrying us.
Michael Lopp

Everything in this company seems to go a little slower, not sure whether this is due to process, inertia or just plain old ‘Just another day at the office culture’, but starting my third month here, I think I am entering the Fall from Grace stage this month.

While they may not think of it as such – at least not consciously – there is no doubt that I went through the Bright and Shiny stage. Now to help them discover where my superpower lies.

Will I reach the Steady State any time soon?

The Fall from Grace