Apparently I am not alone not being interested installing Windows (7) on my MacBook:

But apparently, that’s unusual, and most Mac owners in the world not only use Windows, they need Windows and, more than any other version, they absolutely must have Windows 7, so Apple’s missed deadline is nothing short of scandalous.

True? Because if that’s not true, all of that breathless reporting over the weekend about missed deadlines and Apple’s ‘fears’ would prove a tad silly, wouldn’t it?

Actually, I have had one issue since switching to the Mac; my friends don’t use iChat. They’re stuck with Skype or — horror of horrors –Windows Live Messenger for video conferencing and collaboration. I pity them. It’s the one thing I wish Apple would release for Windows. The world would be a better place then, I’m sure.

At some point, I think after 6 months on Mac, I stopped caring about Windows. Unless I really need to work in MS Access for a client, I will not install Windows and if, Windows XP has a much smaller footprint.

Do You Really Need Windows on Mac?