The Useless Class

Are we about to witness the most unequal societies in history?

Biotechnology and the rise of AI may split humankind into a small class of ‘superhumans’ and a huge underclass of ‘useless’ people. Once the masses lose their economic and political power, inequality levels could spiral alarmingly

–Yuval Noah Harari for the Guardian

on Vitriolic Masses Being Shafted [by Their Idol]

What many supporters of Trump, especially his most ardent social media warriors, need to understand is that the man himself doesn’t care about them. Never has, never will because they aren’t him. They aren’t Donald J. Trump.

They are merely his pawns, his vitriolic mob which he and his crew love to play while shafting them. Shafting them protecting their own financial interests.

While the Trump crew manipulates and consolidates the ardent rage and social media war against reason, facts, and liberals with beautiful emotional alternate facts such as the Bowling Green Massacre, Trump and Co. use those ploy to distract from their sheer and utter contempt for citizens. For those less privileged, no matter what color, no matter what political position.

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Popping Popcorn

This may be or may not be the most beautiful popcorn you will see all year long. Definitely, at the very least highly likely the most beautiful popcorn popping for today.

Although, then again, if it were popcorn for yourself it may be much more beautiful. At least as long as you haven’t eaten it yet but you know it’s yours.

Then again, as compulsory blogging disclosure requires I don’t like popcorn so who am I to judge, and more even to care?

Epic Image Comics Humble Bundle is Epic

Update: This deal has now expired.

There’s still a little more than two days for the Image Comics Humble Bundle.

When Humble says on their blog that the deal is epic, that is no lie. The deal includes pretty much each #1 of the going Image Comics series1.

And it gets better. Better than just #1 issues.

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The Populist, Steve Bannon, at Work

In cases like this, the smart money is usually on incompetence, not malice. But this looks more like deliberate malice to me. Bannon wanted turmoil and condemnation. He wanted this executive order to get as much publicity as possible. He wanted the ACLU involved. He thinks this will be a PR win.

Kevin Drum for Mother Jones.

Should You Retweet those “Rogue” Government Twitter Accounts

This could be a moment for a bit of humility. … misinformation isn’t a problem restricted to one ideology or any specific set of personality characteristics: As long as we’re willing to share stuff with our friends and followers without making sure it’s legit, the world will only become a more confusing and conspiracy-prone place.

Those ‘Rogue’ Government Twitter Accounts Are Going Viral Because of Fake-News Impulses