Epic Image Comics Humble Bundle is Epic

Update: This deal has now expired.

There’s still a little more than two days for the Image Comics Humble Bundle.

When Humble says on their blog that the deal is epic, that is no lie. The deal includes pretty much each #1 of the going Image Comics series1.

And it gets better. Better than just #1 issues.


  1. For $10 (or more): you get 40 #1 issues. That includes titles such as Kill or Be Killed, Deadly Class,, The Black Monday Murders, and also Seven to Eternity.
    Obviously, there are smaller bundles at $1 (or more) and $5 (or more).
  2. For $15 (or more): You get all of the above, plus a pile of Vol. 1 trades. For those not at home in the world of comics, a trade is a collection of 4-6 issues usually, containing a whole story arc. You get an additional 13 Vol. 1 books, including East of West, Injection, and The Fade Out.
All Vol.1 trades unlocked at $15 (or more).

But that’s not all. This is one of those few cases, moments in life, where you should go big. Or just don’t go at all. Smash down the $20 (or more).


For an additional $5, $20 (or more) in total, you get 9 more trades, including The Fix, Outcast, Saga, The Wicked + The Divine, and Vol. 2 of East of West2.

So… What are you waiting for?.

  1. Minus very few exceptions like Southern Basterds and The Goddamned
  2. All are shown in the leadpic of this post btw. 

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